WORM, Rotterdam

Saturday 28 October 2017
ALOARDI FESTIVAL – ‘Peruvian New Music and Arts’

full line up:

location: WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
doors open 17:30 | programme 18:00 – 04:00

presale: €7 / door: €9
Aloardi | www.aloardi.org | Pantropical


ALOARDI FESTIVAL proudly presents its follow-up to last year’s debut edition.

Dive deep into Peruvian New Music and Arts – Aloardi Festival 2017 offers a multifaceted programme that comprises an exhibition, a symposium and a video screening, culminating in an enticing mix of exclusive live performances and DJ sets.

At the invitation of Aloardi this festival presents the work of contemporary Peruvian artists, musicians and DJ’s, boasting different aspects of the current Peruvian underground. Expect mesmerising Andean folk from the highlands, gutsy sound experimentalism, highly danceable chicha/cumbia, tropical bass & much more.

This second edition is organised by Aloardi and Idraola, and powered by Pantropical (as part of the Aloardi Exchange Programme 2017).



[17:30 – 18:00]
• doors open

[ 18:00 – 21:00 ]
• video screening – selection of Peruvian video art
• symposium ‘Worldviews, music and arts in contemporary Peru’
• opening exhibition by Felipe del Alguila

[ 21:00 – 04:00 ]
• LIVE + DJ sets
• merch of Aloardi / Superspace records and participating artists


Isabel Huayanay is a talented harpist and singer who was born in Lima. Her vocal timbre represents a typical vocal style which is commonly practiced by female Andean singers in Huancavelica, in the Peruvian highlands. Huancavelica is the place of origin of folkloric traditions such as the ‘Tusujs’ or ‘Danzantes de Tijeras’, which translates to ‘scissors dancers’. These are ancient cultural practices of resistance that survived the colonial era. Isabel masters different Andean styles of traditional celebrations like her ancestors and harpist family members before her. Her appearance at the Aloardi Festival is a significant example of how rural Andean cultures are integrated in the Peruvian urban societies, and that of Lima in particular.

Famed duo from Lima, known for their highly danceable fusion of modern electronics and tropical rhythms. Call it tropical bass, global bass or cumbia digital, DDD keeps evolving constantly in their explorations of global rhythms and sounds. We can rely on them to carry Aloardi festival into the night!

Tica (which means ‘flower’ in Quechua language) emerged in 2003 from the vibrant El Rimac and Comas districts in Lima. Its members Fabiola Vasques and Chrs Galarreta were previously active in influential bands such as DiosMeHaViolado, Evamuss and Lapolarina. With their peculiar mix of dreamy pop and noise Tica quickly caught the attention of the Peruvian underground. They produced several releases on various Peruvian labels and played many live shows, but had to disband in 2008 when Galarreta relocated to Mexico. This evening will see the live rebirth of Tica and the launch of a brand new 7″ release and a K7 compilation.

Wilder Agreda’s prolific work and characteristic musical ethos makes him one of the most interesting figures in Peruvian independent music and sound art. He has been active since 1995 with influential bands like Catarsis, Avalonia and Fractal, who were part of a Peruvian psychedelic post-rock scene known as ‘Crisálida Sónica’. Wilder’s discography consists of more than 60 releases. He founded Super Space Records and produces the radio show ‘Peru Metamusica’. In the alternative South american network he is also known as a music journalist and philosopher, publishing articles with his blog ‘Peru Avantgarde’ and other platforms.

Sonido Martines is one of the head honchos of the South American tropical music scene who is originally from Argentina. He is a tireless seeker of lost vinyl who meanwhile operates from La Paz, Bolivia. For his DJ set at Aloardi he will draw upon a vast library of Peruvian classics, shaking up the dancefloor with psychedelic chicha, cumbia, huayno and other tropical sounds.

Pira Lemu is a Peruvian artist whose radical DJ mixes sometimes seem to double as sound essays. Huayno, other styles of folklore and modern bass are joyously mixed up, favoring spontaneity against easy listening. Pira Lemu is currently located in Berlin where he organizes various shows and also performs live.

Jonathan Castro is a graphic designer and musician from Lima. He designed posters for various Peruvian musicians, labels and underground venues, as well as international artists like Mauricio Bianchi and Sonic Youth. He currently works at Studio Dumbar in Rotterdam and is responsible for Pantropical’s graphic identity. Aloardi invited Jonathan to work on the festival’s graphic representation and live visuals during the event.

Del Águila mainly works with performative interventions in the urban public space, collecting found materials and trash, using language and text within a social-critical approach. He is fascinated by the constant appropriation of public space within Peruvian cities in relation to street commerce, something that is practised in Peru mostly by people with lower incomes. Since the mid-90’s he has been designing independent publications on the alternative circuit, with the publication studio Contenidos Mutantes. In 2001 he joined the Aloardi collective and remained one of its core members until 2009. Currently Del Águila runs his communication studio, Aire Communicaciones.


SYMPOSIUM: ‘Worldviews, music and arts in contemporary Peru’ @ UBIK Theatre, doors open 17:30 – start 18:00 – 20:15

The audience is invited to join a series of short lectures about the artists’ roots and background, providing a context to their influences and inspirations. Wilder Gonzales Agreda will give a lecture about the underground music scene in Peru, Felipe Del Aguila will show a video screening about Peruvian video art, and there will be a round table discussion. Language: Spanish and English (translation). Free entrance.

OPENING EXHIBITION: FELIPE DEL ÁGUILA – ‘Connection-Disconnection’ @ S/ash Gallery, 20:15 – 21:00

To mark Aloardi’s 19th anniversary, visual artist Felipe Del Águila (Lima, 1974) has been granted an artist-in-residency as part of the Aloardi Exchange Programme 2017. His exhibition ‘Connection-Disconnection’ will conclude this residency. Felipe’s work often seeks a balance between art and activism. He will immerse himself within the context of Rotterdam, in order to understand and ‘hack’ the local dynamic.


Aloardi is one of the first independent labels / platforms in South and Central America. Starting in 1998, Aloardi began diffusing and producing experimental music, audiovisual art, sound related interventions, internet radio broadcasts and alternative acoustic research. Aloardi’s headquarters in Lima serves as venue for workshops, a residency programme, and a mediatheque.

Pantropical is a frenzied gig/club/dance series focussing on rough edged tropical music, outré rural folklore, contemporary club music, global bass & more.

Aloardi Festival is supported by WORM, Gemeente Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam. Thanks to ‘Residency …at the Waterfront’ and Studio Klangendum. Design by Jonathan Castro.

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