Landscape Acoustics and Voice, Centre international d’art et du paysage

‘Landscape Acoustics and Voice’ is a workshop that was developed working with the acoustics in the landscape of Vassivière Island (FR). How does the perception of the space change while moving? The participants explored the distances between each other and until where they could communicate through their echoes. These all sounded different, as the landscape and relief of the valley and forest modulated the sound. The workshop consisted of different deep listening exercises as well as group reflections, including mapping, drawing and writing about the experiences. The video is a documentation of the last performance after two days of explorations. Not seeing but hearing each other, it was an acousmatic and transformative experience where the participants explored their voice within the environment of the island.

video still performance with choir in the forest of Island Vassivière

Workshop and performance
> With choir La Luette Agile (Limoges, FR) and participants: Géraldine, Marc, Hilly, Marc, Claudine, Marie-Pierre, Julien and Fabrice. Thanks to Christian Galarreta.
> Made during a residency at The Castle, Centre international d’art et du paysage, Vassivière Island, 2013-2014.