Voz y Textil en el Paisaje, 45SNA

[Versión en Castellano aquí]

Janneke van der Putten’s practice includes different collaborations released as listening experiences, performances, video and sound, along with documentation in images, texts and textiles. Through interventions based on the physicality of her voice in relation to specific places, Janneke investigates different ways of interacting with the environment, integrating herself into different acoustic landscapes and architectures.

Voz y textil en el paisaje [Voice and Textile in the Landscape] questions the notions of time and presence in spaces, through the use of voice and work with textiles. Through contemplation and an intuitive, sensorial approach, we will explore our relationship with our body, the geographical and local context, as well as cosmological elements such as sunset. In a collective conversation, the process will be documented at an open studio in Espacio Odeón.

As part of  the workshop series ‘Espacios de Interferencia’ during the 45th Salon of Colombian Artists (45 SNA): El Reves de la Trama, September 2019, Bogotá.

Many thanks to Ana Ruiz Valencia. With the participation of Valeria Montoya, Carlos Alberto Ramirez, Daniela Beltrán, Cesar Duartes and Juanita Prieto Macia. Thanks to Andrea Pérez-Martínez.

With the support of the Ministerio de Cultura, el Instituto Distrital de las Artes Idartes and Fundación Arteria.