The Playground In Re-Turn

“This place. I used to be afraid of its echo. It is here I grew up, once. Now, how does it sound in here? A local told me she saw a man walking with a cowbell, clapping around and jamming with a stick. Called the police. After all these troubles with youth from the Diamant neighbourhood.”

‘The Playground In Re-Turn’ is the closing event after a month of listening, observing and intervening in one of the city’s special sites. It is a waiting place. By standing still, it guatters, amplifies and welcomes. Mostly dogs. Less children. Now and then a midnight jogger. It is a landscape with sounds. Wind, birds, people. A natural happening. Different maps.

Participatory event
> A2 format map, series of 7, edition of 4, 2012.

>The event took place at the –now gone– Dora Tamanaplein (Pijp district), Amsterdam, on Saturday May 12th 2012, between 17:00 and 17:30 hrs.

> Part of exhibition “Three Artists Walk into a Bar…” (13 April – 13 May), curated by The Black Swan, De Appel Curatorial Programme 2011/12. Thanks to Antonia Alampi.