Review Cassette ‘Invisible Architecture II’ (EN)

Vital Weekly #991, written by Frans de Waard, week 29, 2015:
“This release we could see as the follow-up to ‘Invisible Architecture I’, a LP by Chrs Galarreta (from Peru) and Janneke van der Putten (from The Netherlands). This new work was recorded at The Castle, Centre International d’art Et Du Paysage Ile de Vassivière and follows a similar approach as the LP: Van der Putten is somewhere in this tower, wordless chanting and all over the place there are microphones to pick up this singing. This leads, without electronic effects, overdubs and remixes to something that is endlessly sustaining and these two sides have that same ethereal feeling that the LP had. The second side had some sort of highly obscured background sound (hiss? the sea? waves?) but it added to the mystique of the release. The same mystique we see on the silver on black cover: hard to read but if you hold this in the right angle everything is revealed. That is a bit like the music: it may just a voice in a large space, but once picked up and all the variations are melted together and offer this long sustaining sounds. Try this in combination with the LP and create your own architecture.”

Front cover cassette, silkscreened with silver ink on black paper

> C30 cassette ‘Invisible Architecture II’, a project of Chrs Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten
> Mentioning in review by Patrick Bruneel on label Barreuh in Gonzo, 3 June 2015