LP Invisible Architecture

side A ‘becoming-siren’
 (duration 11’57’’)
side B ‘becoming-storm’ (duration 14’00’’)

The first release of project ‘Invisible Architecture’ is a 12 Inch LP, 180 Gram Vinyl Record, published in July 2014. It was made by Chrs Galarreta (composition, mixing, microphone techniques) and Janneke van der Putten (voice). Recorded and performed in a tower & during van der Putten’s residency at The Castle, Centre international d’art et du paysage, Île de Vassivière (FR), 2013.

Composed to be played at 45 or 33 rpm (setting pitch control of the turntable half tone down is strongly advised at 33 rpm). Edition of 300 vinyls with silkscreened inlay & cover. Poetic text (printed with black ink on black paper) by Galarreta & Van der Putten. Design together with Koos Siep. Printed at De Mesh, Rotterdam. Published by label Aloardi (Alo 56). Supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

Photo vinyl and cover

12 Inch Vinyl
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