Solstice Noise Procession – with collective Aloardi

As part of the finissage of exhibition “Do It With Us” Collective Aloardi (Chrs Galarreta, Gabriel Castillo and Janneke van der Putten) developed an extraordinary performance in the form of a procession. To celebrate the solstice, they designed special dresses to dance and walk around the streets.  As part of the dresses they build some circuits that react to the sun-light and they mixed these sounds with Andean traditional dance music, specially distorted  for this occasion. The audience joined them with some sound instruments that were brought to play during the celebration. See below some pictures of Aurora, Sajjra & Castillo, the Aloardi clan in metamorphosis, some hours before the procession. Reactions of the audience and participants on the finissage can be read here.

Review written by Elli Papalazarou
Watching Aloardi’s street parade surprisingly brought back memories from my home country, Greece. The artists wearing bizarre colourful costumes with little bells hanging from their light sensor sticks, reminded me of some similar spirits/creatures appearing on New Year’s Day or during Carnival in north-western Greece, where I grew up.

In our case, local men dress up in fleece coats with large bells hanging from their waistbands. Their faces are unrecognisable and mostly covered by black animal masks. These creatures had been acting as protagonists in ancient performances during Dionysian celebrations, but the roots of this pagan tradition are much older. Their purpose has always been to celebrate fertility and bring luck to the local households, by wielding phallic symbols of fertility. All this while drinking and dancing demonically, with the sound of the bells chasing the evil spirits away.

It has been very interesting to experience similar ritualistic processes in Aloardi’s performance. Specifically, the part where the artists were projecting their “music wands” onto us was clearly reminiscent of similar gestures performed by the Greek paraders.

I suspect that the common element between the Greek and Peruvian traditions must be the celebration of life and fertility. In this paganistic view, natural forces like the sun, and the light it sends off to earth, are an unmissable part of the creative process. The similarities between these traditional parades have probably been already examined within related disciplines, but I believe it would be interesting to mix some of their elements into a single artistic performance and examine the outcome.”

Reaction by Ellen van Eldik (in Dutch)
“Dat is voor Nederlandse begrippen een bijzonder samengestelde avond; verkleedde Peruaanse en Nederlandse artiesten met zelfgebreide maskers en prachtige kostuums, een feestelijke optocht om de zomer in te luiden, met muziekinstrumenten en dansend van Drukkerij de Boog naar de galerie van Mirta Demare. Een gevarieerd gezelschap dat met elkaar gezellig deze optocht compleet maakt! Bijzonder omdat we zo buiten makkelijk contact maken met de buurt, en elkaar. Een erg leuke, met kunst verbonden aktiviteit.”


> Website & link work by collective Aloardi

> Presented at the finissage of “Do It With Us”, 24 June 2016, Drukkerij de Boog, Voorburgstraat 205, Rotterdam.
> Download the exhibition catalogue of ‘Do It With Us’
> Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam).
> Photos by Mihail Bakalov (garden) and Alessandro De Matteis  (gallery view).