Solstice Noise Procession

Performance, video, stereo audio and digital film, 8’25’’; self-build instrument with stick, circuit bending box, loudspeaker, blue window foil; 2016. Work by Collective Aloardi as part of the finissage of exhibition Do It With Us, Mirta Demare Gallery, Rotterdam.

We developed a performance in the form of a procession, to celebrate the solstice. This is an important moment in the year within Peruvian traditional festivities. We designed special dresses to dance and walk around the streets. As part of the dresses we build sound-instruments that react to the sun-light and we mixed these sounds with Andean traditional dance music, especially distorted for this occasion. The audience joined us with musical instruments that were brought to play during the occasion.

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Project by collective Aloardi: Gabriel Castillo Agüero, Chrs Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten. Costume design and design of self-builded sound instruments with light sensors, intervention: Aloardi collective. Camera: Mihail Bakalov. Video editing: Janneke van der Putten. Photos by Mihail Bakalov (garden) and Alessandro De Matteis (gallery view). Costume elements originating from different Peruvian celebrations. Music mix for the procession: DJ Sajjra (using sounds by Fiorella16, Robert Pacheco y los Ídolos Chancayanos, Muñequita Sally, Los Engreídos del Perú, and field recordings from the Peruvian traditional music).

This project was part of the Aloardi Exchange Programme 2016 and the exhibition Do It With Us, Mirta Demare Art Gallery, Rotterdam. The performance took place on 24 June 2016, as part of the finissage of the exhibition. It started at Drukkerij de Boog, Voorburgstraat 205, Rotterdam, and ended at Mirta Demare Art Gallery. Documentation of the performance and the video were presented in exhibition Directed to the Sun, Quartier am Hafen, Cologne (DE), 2017.

Supported by City Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam). Thanks to Ruben Castillo Agüero, Mirta Demare, Ellen van Eldik and Drukkerij De Boog. Performance with Aloardi Collective, Joasia van Kooten, Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa, Coen Janssen, Yoana Buzova, Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam, Misprint-it, Ellen van Eldik and audience. 

Download the exhibition catalogue of ‘Do It With Us’.

Photo by Alessandro De Matteis.
Photo by Mihail Bakalov.