Solstice Galerie, Brussels

2 – 25 March 2018
Exhibition of textile work ‘Quitsato’ (2017) in Carte Blanche, a group show curated by Robin Kolleman and Charley Case at Solstice Galerie, Rue de Rollebeek 44, 1000 Brussels (BE). Vernissage 2 March, 18:30. Links FB. Web. Finissage 22 March, 17:00 – 00:00. Link FB.

C A R T E B L A N C H EWit, White, Blanco, The Nothing, The color prior creation; the white page.Like Venus, born from sea foam. Symbol of erotics, love and beauty.

The selection of works on display here all have their own origin in that.
From each individual artist this show represents works which echo the beginning, the white.

Blanche, Blanche, Blanche, Blanche

A V E C :
Aletta de Jong
Anouar Hantout
Celine Plissart
Chloé Coomans
David Demazy
Dirk Hendrikx
Janneke van der Putten
Manuela de Tervarent
Odrada Burghoorn
Robin Kolleman
Sin é Angulo
Stefan Bohnenberger
Youssef el Yedidi