Invisible Architecture live

Music performance; amplified voice (Janneke van der Putten), amplified electromagnetic fields of computer remains (Chrs Galarreta), and loudspeakers with sub-woofers, 2014 – 2018.

The concerts of ‘Invisible Architecture’ are immersive and physical sound experiences that highlight subtle harmonies and other acoustic qualities in the spaces where the concerts take place. These variations are depending on the characteristics of the spaces’s structures, the emitted sounds, as well as the position and movement of the listeners and performers through the space.

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This performance has been presented at amongst others: Contemporary Art Museum –MAC, Lima (PE, 2016); XII Festival Ecuatoriano de Música Contemporáneae, ‘Encuentro de Noise-Art’, Teatro México, Quito (EC, 2016); nxnwfestival, Cologne (DE, 2015); Festival Asimtria, Arequipa (PE, 2015); Ausland, Berlin (DE. 2015); Volkspaleis, West – Wonderwerp (The Hague, NL, 2014); Extrapool, Nijmegen (NL, 2014); DATA, Marseille (FR, 2014); and Tsonami Festival (Valparaiso, CL, 2014).

Website of Chrs Galarreta. Video impression at nxnwfestival (Germany, 2015). Download the portfolio of ‘Invisible Architecture’.

Photo by Koos Siep.
Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn.
Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn.