Cycles: Overtones and Glottis Attack

Acoustic performance, duration between 20’ to 35’, 2017 – 2019.

When Echo was changed into a stone her calls reverberated in honour of her name, and the trees shivered and responded with their voices. And how do we relate to these returns? The voice as an expression that stands at the base of what defines us as humans, and drags us back to our intuitive animal-like being. Returning to that embedded knowledge is like walking into a relentlessly unfolding horizon. Listening is a way to immerse in one’s environment. But as much as one inhales and exhales – inspiring and extending – the walls are with us.

They do vibrate too. It was not until I performed in the underground vaults of the Reina Sofía Museum, a former hospital, that I could imagine what the people described in Foucault’s ‘Histoire de la folie’ were pulled into. It was not one’s inner voices and secret tuning forks that hit the cranium – instead those cellars spoke for me, shadowed all that came out of my mouth. Turning around myself in expanding circles, it wasn’t possible to point a finger to the sound-source.

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Presented at a.o. Sommer in Stuttgart, Musik der Jahrhunderte, Stuttgart, 2019. Photo by Jonas Gruska, LOM, Bratislava, 2018.

Photo by Jonas Gruska.
Photo by Manuel Stark.