Aloardi Exchange Programme

Cultural exchange programme where Peruvian artists were invited to present their practices in the Netherlands, between April and June 2016 and September – December 2017. Project by collective Aloardi, co-curated by Chrs Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten.

Download the Aloardi Exchange Programme pamphlet. See here the full programme of the second edition in 2017 and here the programme of the first edition in 2016.

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The Aloardi Exchange Programme 2017 was organized by Aloardi and Idraola. Made with the support of WORM, CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) and City of Rotterdam. Thanks to ‘Residency … at the Waterfront – International Residency Program: State of the City#3 Rotterdam’, Het Wilde Weten and galerie Gallery. Design by Jonathan Castro. Videos with songs by Wilder Gonzales Agreda: documentation of a concert and a music video.

Association Aloardi organized its first Exchange Programme in 2016 in the Netherlands. The works produced during the artist-in-residency were presented the Aloardi Festival at WORM and at exhibition Do It With Us at Mirta Demare Art in Rotterdam, hosting art platforms Aloardi, Misprint-It and De Filmwerkplaats. Thanks to the support of Mirta Demare Art Gallery, WORM, Studio Klangendum, Kulter, SOTU Festival, Vondelbunker, Gerrit Rietveld Academy – TXT (textile) department, Side Room, Charlois Speciaal Festival, Aan het Water, LAATER, Erasmus+, myvillages, APTNV ROMANIA, CBK – Centre for the Arts Rotterdam, Municipality of Rotterdam, Embassy of Peru in The Netherlands, misprint-it, Filmwerkplaats, Drukkerij de Boog, and LOOS.

Aloardi is one of the first independent labels and platforms in South and Central America. Starting in 1998, Aloardi began diffusing and producing experimental music, audiovisual art, sound related interventions, internet radio broadcasts and alternative acoustic research. Aloardi’s headquarters in Lima serves as venue for workshops and a mediatheque.

Poster by Jonathan Castro.
Photo by Caro Linares.
Photo by Caro Linares.