Voice and Space, Villa K

This workshop explores the voice in relation to a spatial experience. Through a Deep Listening session and blind-folded sound walk we will explore our senses and become more aware of our own body, movements and sounds. We will continue with a simple body warm up followed up by a basic vocal exercise. The workshop will consist of group interventions and performances, exploring the acoustics and characteristics of the space, using amongst other our own voices.

For more than ten years Janneke van der Putten’s own voice has been an essential medium for her interactions with landscape, space and contexts, in connection with e.g. natural phenomena, mythologies, cycles and time. In addition to her studies of textile design and Artistic Research Janneke van der Putten learned the North Indian singing “Dhrupad” with Amelia Cuni and Marianne Svašek in Berlin and Rotterdam. The learned technique has 
been essential for her understanding of the voice as a physical experience. – “How can I travel with my voice, my jaw, tongue, spittle, and breath?”

Workshop ‘Voice and Space’ by Janneke van der Putten together with Madha Agarwal, Xavier De Wannemaeker, Raquel Martínez Polo, Lucinda Huaxin Zhang, Kacper Ziemianin, Jessica de Wolf, Donatas Cervinas, Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev, Christian Galarreta and Michael Toner. Recorded by Alexander Baan and Jorrit van Rijn. Video documentation by Dewi de Vree. Villa Flip 6, The Hague, 21 April 2018.