Voice and Space, Tupac Asociación Cultural

‘Voice and Space’ is a workshop about how our sensory body is positioned within our environment. Through exercises involving listening, breathing, singing, and walking, we observe and experiment with tones, vowel variations, and different bodily positions. Intuitively reacting to the surroundings, we explore how to use the space for the production of sound, amplifying and affecting the acoustic voice. Moving towards a corner, wall or window, or facing another singer gives more energy to the tones and their spatial reflections.

This enhancement is particularly strong in the collective singing of sustained tones. The cloud of voices can have more intensity – walking, for example, towards the centre of a space and then retreating again to its edges. Mixing with each other, the decentralised voices become a pool of frequencies with changing harmonies and dissonances. When the same frequencies are sung, they reinforce each other and, with small tonal differences, can form a rich continuum. The experiences provided by this performative process allow the physical voice-space to be choreographed.

> This workshop took place in a garage, garden, under a bridge, and the beach and was presented at Tupac Asociación Cultural, Lima, 14 Feb. 2015
> Made during residencies at Tupac Asociación Cultural and Colectivo Aloardi, 2015
> Download the workshop description in Spanish