Trait d’Union

This project functioned as intermezzo, during a performance event in the Oude Kerk, and as trajectory indicator for the public. The compositions (played by the sounders) and textile (worn by the mover) were based on the map of the church. The symbols on the map were interpreted and translated for the costume  and the musical notations. All maps were bounded into a publication.

Sounders and mover, being on different places in the building, communicated with each other. The ‘instrument sounders’ were sitting in the central ‘Koor’ part of the building. For each of the 7 scores, the ‘voice sounder’ went to a new part in the church and sang the score related to that position on the map. The mover followed to these places, together with the public, while the sounders were playing back and forward.

Performance and publication
> Booklet with graphical maps, scores & DVD, Amsterdam, January 2009, limited edition of 50 copies.

> With Janneke van der Putten (sounder -voice, direction), Arden Rzewnicki (textile production, shiner), Rory Pilgrim (sounder -harp, mapping), Saskia de Brauw (mover), Eva-Maria van Esbroek (sounder -violin), Lucas Hillen (sounders -organ), Calypso Schuijt (shiner). Thanks to Thekla Ahrens, Niels Albers and Marinus Klaassen.

> Performance, 20 minutes; textile, cotton, 2 x 2 meter; 7 compositions and scores –related to 7 positions in the church.

> Performed at ‘Evil Night’, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Jan. 2009