Interview by Rafael Freuler & Wiktoria Furrer (EN)

Click on this link to see the interview about the sound installation ‘Practising the Two Used Title of this Notebook in a Last Setting’ (2009 – 2012). It was presented in an old nuclear bunker in the Vondelpark in the heart of Amsterdam, a venue called ‘Vondelbunker’, and made in occasion of the exhibition by the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis conference at the University of Amsterdam called “Extremely Close and Incredibly Slow”, showcasing a group of artists from all over the world, between 28 and 30 March 2012.

> Interview on 29 March 2012 by collective Rafael Freuler, Wiktoria Furrer & Denise Kratzer for their project ‘work in progress’, a method and online tool to document and present exhibitions in the context of art, science and culture. It works as an online documentation as well as performative intervention. It can be used to document exhibitions and other short-term events showcasing creative productions.