mex / Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund

13 October – 18 November 2018
Exhibition mexhibition (Ist das weg? Oder kann das Musik?) in mex, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Sunderweg 1, 44147 Dortmund (DE). Link FB. Link exhibition.

Friday 12 October 2018 Opening, 20 h
Saturday 17 November 2018 Blind-mex concert evening in the classical mex format with three sets by surprise artists, 20 h

Crawling wires of metal, fluttering magnetic tapes, an automatic band, a whole chair full of speakers, small dithering umbrellas and quite a few things more. That isn’t music, is it? Works at the intersection between art and music tend to fall between the tracks. The ability to understand sounds as something musical, opens up space to experience another dimension with our senses. To experience spatiality. So why should we distinguish an old folk song from the tictac of traffic lights; or the recording of a rowing boat from trumpets on tape machines. They are all chances to grasp environment acoustically and to experience it sensuously. What could be more sensual than for example Rolf Julius’ composition „Old Piano Concert for the Weser“, in which he placed speakers along the river Weser. Sound art means to let yourself be surprised by ideas that manifest themselves affectionately through sound. In the exhibition one can observe the routes of different satellites whose tracks on the earth’s surface can be transformed into music. Or you can generate tones and pictures from your own skin by a special sensor. How would that sound? And even if works fall between the tracks at the intersection between art and music, at the mexhibition we will have a special sonic chair with built-in speakers, so you can sit right in the middle of several sound art compositions by different artists.
Nonprofit association mex has been organizing experimental and intermedia concerts at the Künstlerhaus for 26 years. From the beginning it has always been in love with sound art and installations, too.

Participating artists:
Jens Brand, 
Rolf Julius
, Kallabris
, Bart Maris
, Tintin Patrone, 
Hans Polterauer
, Claudia Robles-Angel
, Anna Schimkat
, RaumZeit Piraten
, Sonic Chair
 and Tasos Stamou.