TodaysArt Festival, The Hague

22 September 2016. Korzo, Prinsestraat 42, The Hague. 19:30h reception, 20:30 performance. Ticket: 10€ / 7,50€.

Invisible Architecture made the track ‘Acoustic reflections of one voice in a church (live recording)’ as part of a site-specific research in the Sankt Gertrud church, Cologne, during a residency at Raumklänge – Ortsbezogene Musik curated by Georg Dietzler, in July 2015, by Chrs Galarreta (composer) and Janneke van der Putten (vocalist). The track was included to the project ‘audio-DH – sonic manifestations by 250 creators from Den Haag / The Hague’, which will be presented at TodaysArt Festival.