Release: Azul bailó alado tuyo, Tica covers & reworks – labels Aloardi and Existence

6 October 2017
Release of the Cassette ‘Azul bailó alado tuyo (Tica covers & reworks)’ by various artists. It is a compilation tape of Tica songs revised by different artists from France, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the Netherlands. Janneke van der Putten contributed with her track ‘Ser Anunciando el fin de la razón’.

Christian Galarreta & Fabiola Vasquez are Tica. The songs on this release are reworks by artists who were specifically invited for this compilation by Tica. These songs were originally composed by Galarreta and recorded, arranged and performed by Tica, with the exception of `Corazón xufrido’, which is a rehash of ‘Mi Corazón Sufrido’, an original song of the Armonia 10 orchestra, re-interpreted by Tica in 2004. The songs of Tica were originally published in `Tica – Lo que sea por mi destrucción’ (Cdr, Aloardi, 2006 / Ruido Horrible – Noxa Records, 2015), in `Varios Artistas – Colorea tu Alma’ (Cdr, Super Space Records, 2007), in `Tica – El Otro Lado de la flor’(Net-release, Super Space Records, 2010) and in `Tica – Bleu Ivy Nile’ (7” vinyl, Existence / Aloardi, 2017). Tracks 11 and 12 were recorded by Tica between 2008 and 2009.

Front cover typography by Blandine Rinkel. Cover design by Zoé Chartier, Thomas Durand & Bobby Peru. Special thanks to all the artists for their sound contributions to this project and to Stanley Col and Sergio Sanchez T. for the support with the prints and translations. Published by Existence (FR) and Aloardi (PE/NL). Catalogue numbers E:/11 and Alo 065.

side A
01 – Fifteen Years Old – Armonía : Versión de un corazón sufrido (Corazón xufrido rework)
02 – Minadedrama & Rolando Apolo – Gloria roja (cover)
03 – Heraldos Negros – Corazón xufrido (remix bajo cielos grises)
04 – Paisaje 3 – De algún color tu nada (rework)
05 – Hijos de La Fiera – Mounstro (rework)

Side B
06 – Janneke van der Putten – Ser Anunciando el fin de la razón (Pájaros de miel con un cielo adentro rework)
07 – Zoom Back Camera – Gloria roja (cover)
08 – Fiorella16 – Organodadora (lo-fi rework)
09 – Gomas – Gloria roja (cover)
10 – Bruo (aka: Diana Mogrovejo, Wilhelm Schütze, Gabriel Castillo) – Suferis Koro (Corazón xufrido rework)

Bonus Tracks:
11 – Tica – Gloria roja (original version)
12 – Tica – De algún color tu nada (original version)